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Or year of publication. Textpresso’s potential to find relevant documents, and ignore irrelevant ones, is still not as excellent as an expert human curator with the exact same literature. However the program could be continuously tweaked to acquire far better and much better. This method needs human intervention, and also the Caltech team does not assume this really is probably to be automated anytime soon. Alternatively, the structure of Textpresso, and to some extent the ontological lists from C. elegans, may be used for literature analysis of other model organisms. Lastly, the totally annotated literature within a field isn’t only a repository of scientific details, but additionally a information mine of human communication, which could be queried for patterns obtaining tiny to HDAC-IN-3 cost perform with model organisms and much to do with how scientists communicate with each other.M ler HM, Kenny EE, Sternberg PW (2004) Textpresso: An ontology-based information and facts retrieval and extraction technique for biological literature.Survival following childhood B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma (B-NHL) [i.e. Burkitt lymphoma (BL) and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL)] or mature B-cell leukemia (B-AL) has elevated dramatically from a price of approximately 35 to 90 throughout current decades, particularly in France with the Lymphomes Malins B (LMB) protocols of your Soci Fran ise d’Oncologie P iatrique (SFOP)/Soci Fran ise des Cancers de l’Enfant (SFCE). These protocols contain dose escalation of antineoplastic agents, for example cyclophosphamide, high-dose (HD) methotrexate and cytarabine.1 The couple of published research around the prognosis of relapsed BNHL/B-AL in children71 show poor outcomes right after intensive initial treatment. Nonetheless, specific studies have reported that treatment with HD chemotherapy with autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) cured some individuals with relapsed B-NHL/B-AL.80,126 The function of adjuvant CD20 monoclonal antibodies remains to become defined.11,179 Within this study, we retrospectively reviewed relapses inpatients enrolled in among the three recent LMB research. Instances of major refractory B-NHL/B-AL weren’t deemed. The aim was to describe the relapses, to analyze the outcomes with the therapeutic strategy, and to determine prognostic components for survival right after relapse.Techniques PatientsWe retrospectively reviewed relapsed B-NHL/B-AL in French, Belgian, and Dutch sufferers prospectively enrolled in the SFOP/SFCE LMB89,2 French-American-British (FAB)/LMB96,three,5,six and LMB2001 studies among July 1989 and March 2007. In the FAB/LMB96 study, only SFOP individuals had been integrated inside the existing study. The studies have been approved by the SFOP scientific committee or/and National Ethics Committee. Parents/legal guardians PubMed ID: provided informed consent for inclusion of their young children in the studies in accordance together with the Helsinki Declaration. Relapse was defined as any tumor progression following attaining complete remission.015 Ferrata Storti Foundation. This can be an open-access paper. doi:10.3324/haematol.2014.121434 The online version of this article includes a Supplementary Appendx. Manuscript received on November 26, 2014. Manuscript accepted February 25, 2015. Correspondence: [email protected] haematologica | 2015; 100(6)Survival of kids with B-NHL/B-AL after relapseInitial treatmentIn every single of your 3 research, patients had been assigned to certainly one of 3 treatment groups (A, B and C) primarily based around the stage of initial illness,two,three,five,6 and received two (group A), 4 or five (group B), or eight (group C) courses of chem.