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Es who’ve died also soon or children who do not see their parents, we are reminded that a terrific lots of clinicians seem to be barely holding on. Just surviving; giving anything to help keep the show on the road. As one surgeon remarks towards the finish from the programme, “The NHS has had its pound of flesh.” I’m not MedChemExpress PIM inhibitor 1 (phosphate) certain that I would pick out to listen to this programme if not required to do so. There is no light at the finish of this distinct tunnel, and for the second instalment (advertised but not readily available for preview) we are promised the following: how “next week” consultants will “talk openly about errors they’ve produced.” If only all sectors of society have been so open and confiding. There is a certain voyeurism implicit inside the initial programme, comprised, I consider, of its intrusion into other people’s discomfort. To know the extent of such discomfort inside the method one particular would really need to know how many consultants Stark had approached to compile these interviews. Absolutely, she has assayed many points of view. Although Stark is sympathetic to these voices, her ire is raised by the query of private practice. Why do those who complain of tiredness, relentless pressure, plus a falling away of private life apparently let themselves in for more in the same by practising privately out of hours As Stark says to 1 medical professional, “People will say he’s his own worst enemy.” A number of the voices fall away and do not respond. They sound uncomfortable after they decline to state how much they earn. The Consultants rehearses the ambivalence that may be central to several accounts of medicine, proffered from within: depressed voices stating how rewarding it all is. It says some thing strange, sad, gorgeous, or frankly absurd concerning the human situation that lots of are prepared to sacrifice those whom they say they really like (at property) for the welfare of strangers they meet in hospitals.The ConsultantsBBC Radio four, two and 9 January at 8 00 pmn this radio documentary, producer Edi Stark has supplied what appears to be a candid insight in to the modern experiences of consultants operating in medical and surgical specialties in Britain–in Glasgow and London specifically. The preview tape contained the first of two scheduled programmes, the focus of which is the price to consultants’ private lives incurred by enormous undertakings within the NHS. Stark trails physicians along the corridors and up the stairs; she eavesdrops at handover time, and in compact, untidy offices she samples the ambience of your confessional. Though the narratives are compelling, and Stark’s account is clear and unadorned, what stands out for me is the quality of theseISean A Spence PubMed ID:http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20153432 senior clinical lecturer in psychiatry, University of SheffieldDriving Mum CrazyChannel five, Wednesdays at 8 30 pm, 13 December to ten Januaryhe very first series of Driving Mum Crazy final January (reviewed BMJ 2000;320:388) wasted an opportunity for precise exploration of concerns in child and adolescent mental health. Considerable media and public interest was achieved, nonetheless, hence this second series of four programmes about hyperkinetic disorder (consideration deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) inside the United states of america). I hoped that the second series would clarify that youngster and adolescent mental well being challenges, such as hyperkinetic disorder, have been complex and required careful dissection of causative biological, psychological, and social strands (which are normally unconsciously hidden by the families looking for enable). We had been shown youngsters provided diagnoses of hyperki.