Not have any affordable criteria to assign the relative significance of every single KPIi , in this perform, as a initially approximation, all Si have the similar relative relevance and, as a result Wi = 1. n Wi Si U MI = i=1 (4) n Lastly, GS-441524 Epigenetics inspired by the idea of degree of service (LoS) described previously, a classification system is proposed where six ranges are defined, from A to F, to facilitate the compression of the worth obtained [18]. This rating and classification system is shown in Table four.Table 4. Interpretation in the Urban Mobility Index (UMI). Score 8000 609 409 209 109 0 Classification A B C D E F Interpretation Really high sustainable mobility Higher sustainable mobility Medium sustainable mobility Low sustainable mobility Extremely low sustainable mobility Unsustainable mobility3. Benefits As a case study of application, this section presents the outcomes obtained implementing the methodology described in for the case in the City of Saltillo. It consists of a detailed description of how the relevant data was obtained. 3.1. Region of Study The city of Saltillo would be the capital of Coahuila de FGIN 1-27 Biological Activity Zaragoza, which can be one of many Mexican states situated northeast Mexico (Figure 2). Saltillo is at an typical altitude of 1592 m.a.s.l. and exhibits a hot semi-arid climate (BSh, K pen classification) with well-defined four seasons. Saltillo is largely a flat region surrounded by mountain chains running from north to south on both sides. The average temperature of Saltillo is18.3 C, with an average temperature of 23.two C in summer time and 12.1 C in winter. Saltillo by itself covers up a surface of 272 km2 where the urban area corresponds to 240 km2 having a population of more than 864,082 inhabitants (census year 2018), which results in an urban population density of around 3600 Hab/km2 . Saltillo is thought of one of the most industrialized regions of the country, with one of several biggest automotive clusters in Mexico. Identified industries such as General Motors, Fiat Group, Chrysler, Freightliner, Daimler, and Delphi are established in the area. In 2019, Saltillo had an estimated gross domestic product (GDP) of 32,000 USD per capita although the Mexican avg. GDP was 21,107 USD per capita the exact same year [53]. This amount was reduced in the 2019 by around five as a result of COVID-19 financial crisis [54].Appl. Sci. 2021, 11,14 ofFigure two. Location and topography of Saltillo. Source: Authors.3.2. Important Overall performance Indicators As described within the methodology section, within this phase, Saltillo s accessibility, government, environmental effect, and mobility is going to be described. The complete list of KPIs and also the values obtained for Saltillo are detailed in Table 3. three.two.1. Accessibility Physical infrastructure: Primarily based on public information, the Saltillo Metropolitan Region has 2987 km of roads–measured by the length on the central axis–and a road density of 411.9 km/100,000 habitants, of which 38.eight correspond to primary roads, 38.2 to secondary roads, and 23 to toll roads [55]. You will discover no exclusive lanes for public transportation. 68.5 of city blocks in Saltillo have paved roads. The greatest accessibility to sidewalks is concentrated in the interior with the city and in the areas with all the highest housing density. The lowest levels of development of this sort of infrastructure are distributed within the periphery in the municipality. In 55.two in the city blocks, roads have pedestrian accessibility. In 29.9 of them, only a number of their streets have pedestrian accessibility. When it comes to pedestrian infrastructure for d.