Ctive function E2 , whichis shown in Equation (15). Fp (i) = E2 =1 ^ (15) Fp (i)=E2= ( P(i) – P(i,))2 In Equations (14) and (15), I represents ithe total variety of sampling points and Ii represents the i-th sampling point. In Equations (14) and (15), I damping and get in touch with dampingsampling points and i In System three, the structural represents the total quantity of of the transducer are represents the i-th sampling entered as recognized values in to the 16 web parameter identification measured, calculated, and point. In System 3, the structural damping and speak to damping in the transducer are measured, calculated, and entered as identified values into the parameter identification process. The settings for both the unknown parameters and fitness function, also because the algorithm iteration course of action, would be the same as in Technique two.1 I two ^ ( P(i) – P(i,)) I iI(15)Micromachines 2021, 12,8 ofMicromachines 2021, 12, x FOR PEER REVIEW9 ofprocess. The settings for both the unknown parameters and fitness function, at the same time as the algorithm iteration procedure, would be the exact same as in Process 2.3. Experimental Measurement 3. Experimental Measurement 3.1. The Measurement on the Displacement Plunger’s Structural Damping three.1. The Measurement of your Displacement Plunger’s Structural Damping The damping ratios stainless steel 304 304 had been measured by means of common modal The damping ratios of of stainless steel bars bars were measured through standard modal testing then Y-27632 custom synthesis calculated by the structural damping in the displacement [32,33]. testing then calculated by the structural damping on the displacement plunger plunger A regular cylindrical sample sample diameter of 50 mm50 mm lengthlength ofmm was [32,33]. A typical cylindrical with a having a diameter of in addition to a and a of 1500 1500 mm prepared. At this size, the natural frequency for the for the initial longitudinal vibration from the was ready. At this size, the all-natural frequency first longitudinal vibration in the sample might be close be the workingworking frequency of the transducer. The test gear is sample can to close to the frequency on the transducer. The test gear is shown in Figure 6. The piezoelectric accelerometers, at the same time as the real-time data measurement shown in Figure 6. The piezoelectric accelerometers, as well as the real-time data measand analysis instrument DH5922DDH5922D and its analysis had been sourced from Donghua urement and evaluation instrument and its evaluation software program, software program, had been sourced from Testing Technologies Co., Ltd (Taizhou, China). TheChina). The was hung with ahungelastica Donghua Testing Technology Co., Ltd (Taizhou, sample bar sample bar was soft with rope elastic rope plus the point was situated was situated on the modal sample. A levelling soft and also the suspension suspension point around the modal node of your node on the sample. instrument was utilized to check whether the rod was level. was level. A force was used to A levelling instrument was utilized to verify whether the rod A force hammer hammer was apply toforce on one finish of the end in the bar, and four piezoelectric accelerometers were used a apply a force on a single bar, and four piezoelectric accelerometers have been installed around the other endthe measure the resulting the resulting acceleration. installed on to other end to measure acceleration.304 Stainless Steel Bar for TestSoft Elastic RopePiezoelectric Accelerometer Dynamic Signal Analyzer 5 kN Test hammerReal Time Data Measurement and Analysis Instrument DH5922DFigure 6. Experimental device for e.