Ry to calculate the number of modules within the installation, by means of the equation: Nmodule = Peak Power STC Module Power (20)The Equation developed that allows estimating the sale price of a photovoltaic installation Benfluorex Activator results in Equation (15), Cuminaldehyde Purity & Documentation Pmodule: expense with the module, in EUR/Wp. As a guide, these values are proposed in Table 7, which shows these which have been viewed as for the elaboration of this project:Table 7. Proposed Module expense in /Wp (year 2019). Module 75 kWp50 kWp 250 kWp50 kWp 750 kWp500 kWp 330 Wp/Polycrystalline 0.25 0.24 0.23 375 Wp/Monocrystalline 0.29 0.28 0.Pinv: the cost of inverters, in EUR/Wp. If the power of inverters is unknown, the following relationship might be viewed as valid: Energy inv (Wn) = 0.8 mod (Wp) The following values in Table 8 are proposed in case there is no guide value:Energies 2021, 14,24 ofTable 8. Proposed cost of inverter in /Wp (year 2019). Power 75 kWp50 kWp 250 kWp50 kWp 750 kWp500 kWp Cost (/Wp) 0.070 0.055 0.Pest: expense from the structures, in EUR/Wp. To perform with normalized values, the total expense from the structures should be divided by the energy of installed modules. As a guide, the values in Table 9 are proposed, which are these that have been regarded for the elaboration of this project, together with the expenses of your choice with aluminum strips:Table 9. Proposed cost of structures in /Wp (year 2019). Power 75kWp50 kWp 750kWp500 kWp Counterweight, 330 Wp Module 0.060 0.057 Counterweight, 375 Wp Module 0.053 0.05 Battens, 330 Wp Module 0.121 0.115 Battens, 375 Wp Module 0.106 0.The counterweight solution becoming the support method patented by Solarbloc, that is only advised for roof installations that help a high extra weight. The batten remedy can be a metallic aluminum structure that is definitely anchored to the roof straps. In any case, it will constantly be far more accurate to have a formal quote from a frame manufacturer. Pp: the total peak energy of your installation, calculated in Step 1. fc: correction element, value: Modules of 60 cells: fc = 5/6 Modules of 72 cells: fc = 1 This correction factor allows that in the final cost of the plant, it is regarded as that the 60-cell modules present much less power. Therefore, the cost of wiring, grounds, and protections that they entail is proportionally lower than the 72-cell modules. Nmodule: number of modules in the plant. HV: price of the voltage elevation program if important. Its value is zero for any installation connected in Low voltage. The following value is proposed for estimating calculations, however it is a lot more advisable to have a formal supply from an installation firm of transforming systems: If it’s a low voltage connectionHV = 0 If it’s a high voltage connectionHV = 56,450 GM: gross margin of the facility, workplace fees and industrial profit. 12 (six six) is proposed as a reference worth The OPEX is obtained directly from Equation (1): annual OPEX = 0.01 APEX (1) This worth being the upkeep cost for year 1. Step 4: Calculate the plant’s LCOE If desired, Equation (2) could be made use of with all the enable of a spreadsheet. Having said that, the simplification applied in the Equation (17) could be deemed valid. Production in year 1 is calculated in Step two, when CAPEX and OPEX have already been calculated in Step 3. The rest of the parameters are: L: price of your creating license in comparison with the cost of the EPC. If it’s not known, it may be regarded four for installations in Spain, though it may be consulted directly at the City Hall from the constructing in which the installation is ca.