Test the framework. Within this context, more verification statistical evaluation will
Test the framework. Within this context, more verification statistical analysis is going to be carried out. However, we strategy to work with GATE [32], an NLP tool, to be able to offer an option towards the Jena-based [33] implementation. Not surprisingly, comparison among these two approaches will reveal weaknesses too as strengths for the framework.Author Contributions: Conceptualization, K.K. and N.B.; methodology, K.K. and N.B.; software, K.K. and N.B.; validation, K.K. and N.B.; formal evaluation, K.K., C.A. and N.B.; investigation, K.K., C.A. and N.B; sources, K.K., C.A. and N.B; information curation, K.K., C.A. and N.B.; writing–original draft preparation, K.K.; writing–review and editing, N.B.; supervision, N.B.; project administration, N.B.; funding acquisition, K.K., C.A. and N.B. All authors have read and agreed to the published version in the manuscript. Funding: This investigation is funded within the context from the project equirements Engineering based on Semantics(MIS 5047826) below the get in touch with for proposals upport for researchers with an emphasis on young researchers-cycle B'(EDULLL 103). The project is co-financed by Greece plus the European Union (European Social Fund- ESF) by the Operational Programme Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Studying 2014-2020. Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of 3-Chloro-5-hydroxybenzoic acid Autophagy Interest.Algorithms 2021, 14,17 ofAppendix APart of Shopy Needs Specification Functionality Ordered and Sell Merchandise R1.1 The method shall permit user to pick a product R1.2 The program shall display each of the available product properties R1.3 The system shall enable user (employees) to update the configuration of a solution. R1.four The technique shall enable user (staff) to confirm the configuration Product Categorizations R1.5 The system shall show solution categorization towards the user (staff and client) Buyer Profile R1.6 The method shall let user (customer) to create profile R1.7 The method shall authenticate user (buyer) credentials R1.8 The program shall enable user (customer) to update the profile Buying Cart MNITMT Technical Information Facilities R1.9 The program shall optionally allow user to print invoice R1.ten The system shall give purchasing cart and so on. Safety Data Transfer R2.1 The system shall automatically log out consumer after a period of inactivity Information Storage R2.2 The system’s databases shall be encrypted R2.3 The system’s servers shall only be accessible to authenticated administrators, and so on. Element of ATM Needs Specification Functionality ATM Functionality R1.1 The ATM has to check if the entered card is valid R1.2 The ATM has to read the serial quantity of the card R1.3 The ATM has to verify the bank code and password with all the bank server Client Possibilities R1.4 The client can abort a transaction R1.5 The ATM also permits the client to clear off his/her bills R1.six A maintainer has the permission to suspend an account Constraints R2.1 The ATM ought to service at most 1 client at a time R2.2 The maximum invalid pin entries is three, then the account is blocked R2.3 The maximum quantity of revenue a client can withdraw is 600 per day User Interface R3.1 A screen will probably be supplied for client to perform login R3.2 A screen will likely be provided to display the other ATMs’ location
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