To apoptosis within the absence of serum. In each LI-Cadherin/Cadherin-17 Proteins web situations, CDK6 inhibitors decreased the levels of phosphoryla-tion of pRb protein in c.709-1G.A carrier cells to reach these of manage cells. It remains to become demonstrated no matter whether CDK6 inhibitors would defend neurons in FTLD brain from apoptosis by modulating the CDK6/pRb pathway, nevertheless it has been suggested that SB as well as other HDAC inhibitors behave as neuroprotective drugs [58]. These compounds prolonged the life span of cultured cortical neurons [59] and promoted neuronal growth. Work carried out in vivo demonstrated that they protected neurons from ischemic stroke [60]. A neuroprotective effect of these drugs has also been reported in animal models of neurodegenerative problems [61,62]. The proapoptotic impact of SB in PGRN mutated cells seems to become directly related to PGRN insufficiency since it was mimicked by the addition of recombinant PGRN. The truth that exogenous PGRN mimicked the SB